Accounting Solutions for the Not-for-Profit Community

Beyond traditional accounting work, our firm offers extended value because we truly understand the challenges that not-for-profit entities face and offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Based on our experience with not-for-profit clients, we provide you with industry-specific business expertise required to successfully operate your organization. You can remain focused on your mission, while we handle your specialized tax and accounting needs.

We work with you throughout the year to evaluate and improve these key areas of your operation:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Taxes & Compliance
  • Internal Accounting Controls
  • Liability
  • Planning for Future Growth
  • Audit Support

Financial transparency is essential for not-for-profits. As your trusted advisor, we supply you with comprehensive monthly financial statements and perform your bank reconciliations to ensure that you always have a clear picture of your financial health. We also work in partnership with you so that your books and records are in compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). With accurate financial reporting readily available, your ability to capitalize on opportunities will be enhanced. Watkins & Associates is dedicated to supporting your vision for a brighter future.

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