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bossvideoimageBOSS™ (Back Office Support System) is our all-inclusive small business accounting package. For an affordable monthly fixed fee, Watkins & Associates will take care of your accounting tasks—including paying bills, balancing checkbooks, preparing payroll and payroll tax returns, producing W-2’s, and providing helpful financial data along the way. All activity is facilitated online through our advanced web-based platform, which offers immense convenience for you.

Consider the day-to-day tasks that we can handle for you:

  • Process bills fast and easy—All processing is accomplished online, so we can return relevant information to you quickly.
  • Balance your checkbooks through our secure website—You can access your checkbooks for up-to-the-minute views of your financial standing.
  • Provide complete and accurate payroll processing—You enter your payroll data online for processing and we return paychecks, direct deposit remittances, and post employees’ stubs to their own secure portals.
  • Create detailed statements and reports that keep you updated on your financial status.

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